Here’s the conclusion to our series 7 Costly Divorce Myths You Shouldn’t Buy Into.

Additional Divorce Myths that Can Cost You Big Time

Myth 5 – If custody is split between parents, there won’t be any child support obligations.

One of the most costly divorce myths is that you don’t need a lawyer, an experienced Littleton divorce lawyer explains. Here’s why.

One of the most costly divorce myths is that you don’t need a lawyer, an experienced Littleton divorce lawyer explains. Here’s why.

Fact – False! The courts generally see both parents as having a responsibility to financially support their children, and a 50-50 split of custody does not necessarily mean that either party is off of the hook for paying child support.

So, if you think you’ll be minimizing your support payment obligations by agreeing to joint custody, think again – you may still be ordered to pay child support to your ex.

Myth 6 – Trying to compromise with an ex during divorce is pointless.

Fact – This, again, is false. Of course, compromising with an ex is not always a good idea, particularly when it comes to cases that involve domestic violence or exes who want to use the divorce courts to exact revenge.

However, when it’s possible to find some common ground and communicate civilly with an ex, being open to compromise can:

  • Inspire your ex to do the same
  • Help resolve some of the major issues of your divorce without court intervention, which can lead to faster resolutions – as well as resolutions that are more favorable (as you will have had a hand in developing them, rather than being at the receiving end of a court order)
  • Reduce the overall costs of divorce, as there will be fewer (if any) disputes to resolve in court.

Myth 7 – My ex and I split on good terms, so I don’t need a lawyer to help me with my divorce.

Fact – Of all of the divorce myths we’ve debunked so far in this blog series, this is the single most costly and potentially ruinous one people can believe. The bottom line is that, regardless of how amiable a split with an ex may be:

  • You need to know that any compromises/agreements you make will be in your best interests down the line.
  • Divorce can quickly turn ugly, especially as money, children/custody and other sensitive matters become the focus of the process.
  • Having an experienced attorney representing you through divorce can help you be prepared for any challenges or complications that may arise.

If you make the mistake of not retaining a lawyer as you move forward with your divorce, you can run the risk of losing out big time when it comes to the division of property, custody awards and future support payments. So, make sure you are protected and contact a trusted Littleton divorce lawyer at Bahr & Kreidle today.

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