Picking up where 7 Signs a Spouse Is Planning a Divorce (Pt. 1) left off, here, we will resume our discussion regarding some of the more common warning signs that a marital partner may be getting ready to file for divorce.

More Common Signs a Spouse Is Planning a Divorce

Sign 3 – Your spouse starts hiding income or other marital property.

Hiding marital assets and using up shared lines of credit can be two signs a spouse is planning a divorce. Contact us for the best representation in divorce.

Hiding marital assets and using up shared lines of credit can be two signs a spouse is planning a divorce. Contact us for the best representation in divorce.

Another common sign of divorce planning can lie in one partner starting to hole away certain income or marital assets in the months leading up to a divorce. While this can be actualized in various manners, in general, just some of the ways that a spouse planning a divorce may try to hide income or marital property can include by:

  • Claiming to have sold certain marital property like, for instance, vacation homes
  • Claiming certain marital property has been stolen
  • Transferring certain martial property to other relatives (like siblings) prior to filing for divorce
  • Failing to deposit all or a portion of monthly income from work in a joint bank account.

There can be a number of other ways that a spouse who is planning to file for divorce may try to slowly hide marital income, assets or property, so it’s best to consult with an experienced divorce attorney at Bahr and Kreidle if you:

  • Have noticed significant martial assets start to go missing
  • Are not getting clear answers about this from your spouse
  • Are ready to start making your own plans to file for divorce.

Sign 4 – A line of shared credit is suddenly used up.

If you and your spouse share ownership in a home and/or other lines of credit, be suspicious if you suddenly see one or more of these available lines of credit being used up without any warning from your spouse. The reason for maxing out certain lines of credit in the divorce planning process can be to put an unsuspecting partner in the marriage at a significant disadvantage by limiting his or her access to funds.

In turn, this could end up meaning that, when it comes time to move forward with divorce, the unsuspecting partner may not have enough or any money to retain an experienced divorce attorney, and this could have far-reaching impacts both in the divorce case and the future of that spouse.

Look for the upcoming conclusion to this blog series for some additional signs a spouse is planning a divorce.

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