Concluding our blog series 7 Signs a Spouse Is Planning a Divorce, below we will reveal some additional indications that a partner in a marriage may be planning his or her exit from it.

Additional Common Signs a Spouse Is Planning a Divorce

Sign 5 – Your spouse has a bank account you didn’t know existed.

When these signs a spouse is planning a divorce are present in your marriage, contact our trusted Littleton divorce attorneys for advice and help.

When these signs a spouse is planning a divorce are present in your marriage, contact our trusted Littleton divorce attorneys for advice and help.

In some cases, divorce planning can involve moving certain assets so that a partner will not have access to them when it comes time to initiate and proceed with a divorce. One common way of doing this is setting up a separate, individual bank account and/or separate lines of credit.

So, if you’ve just found out that your spouse has a bank account that you didn’t know existed:

  • Start asking some serious questions about this account.
  • Consider asking your partner about whether (s)he is planning a divorce.
  • Find out what steps you may be able to take to protect yourself by consulting with an experienced divorce lawyer Bahr and Kreidle.

Sign 6 – Your spouse suddenly develops a “gambling” habit or makes trips to tax havens.

Other ways that a spouse who is planning a divorce may try to make financial preparations prior to filing can include by:

  • Coming up with excuses as to why certain income or assets have gone missing – Developing a sudden “gambling” can be an effective way to make this happen with minimal questions from a partner.
  • Setting up financial accounts in tax havens – In fact, if your spouse travels on business regularly and makes stops in known tax havens (think the Cayman Islands), it can be a sign that (s)he is funneling income and assets into a secret off-shore account.

So, again, if you are getting odd answers about your spouse’s changing financial habits while noticing some new suspicious actions, you may want to think twice about whether these actions may actually be signs a spouse is planning a divorce.

Sign 7 – Your spouse suddenly starts spending a lot more time with your children.

If you share children with your spouse and your spouse suddenly starts making a big effort to spend more time with your children, again, this can be an indication that (s)he:

  • Is trying to change his or her public image of involvement with the children
  • Is positioning him- or herself for an upcoming custody case.

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