Divorce deals with some of the most precious aspects of people’s lives. While allegations of infidelity or hiding assets in divorce can incite people’s anger, quickly making a divorce ugly and adversarial, the way that people interact with their exes during the proceedings can also end up leading a divorce case off course, potentially making it far more costly and contentious that it needs to be.

To help you sidestep these financial and emotional costs, below, we’ll reveal some things you can do to keep your divorce as civil as possible. When you are ready to get the best Colorado divorce representation, however, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Littleton divorce attorney at Bahr, Kreidle & Flicker.

What You Can Do to Try to Keep Your Divorce Civil, Non-combative

  1. These tips can help you avoid an adversarial divorce, which can save you money and stress, a Littleton divorce attorney explains.

    These tips can help you avoid an adversarial divorce, which can save you money and stress, a Littleton divorce attorney explains.

    Avoid insults – Name calling and insults can snowball into fights, and none of this will end up being a productive discussion about how to resolve the dissolution of the marriage. So, don’t insult your ex even if you are angry with him or her. Get that anger out somewhere else (like in therapy or with friends if necessary).

  2. Stop playing the blame game – It can be tempting to want to assign blame when a marriage doesn’t work, but again, this will not put you on the path to resolving any of the issues at hand. So, stop trying to point fingers, and don’t get baited into the blame game by an angry ex.
  3. Keep your discussions calm – This can be difficult to do, but try your best not to yell or let your voice get louder as you discuss issues or circumstances that may be sensitive.
  4. Stay focused on yourself – In other words, talk about how you feel and what you need or want. Don’t try to describe what your ex feels, thinks or wants because, again, it probably won’t get anywhere productive and will likely lead to a fight.
  5. Listen – This is another difficult tip, but it can be extremely beneficial for those who are able to follow through with it. Listening to your ex even if you don’t like or agree with what (s)he says is important to establishing some base of respect. It can also be pivotal to ensuring that you are heard, to getting on the path to compromise and, ultimately, to resolving the divorce case much more favorably and efficiently.
  6. Focus on the present and future, not the past – This goes hand-in-hand with a few of the above tips, and it really relates to maintaining a mindset that will help you avoid pointing fingers, insulting an ex, etc. If you think about the present and future, the discussion is far more likely to stay productive (rather than revert into a fight).
  7. Take a break when necessary – It is not always going to be easy to stay calm, rational and focused on the present when going through divorce. Knowing this and taking a break when you need to are both important to avoiding fights that can complicate your divorce. Additionally, relying on an experienced attorney to represent you can also be essential to maintaining a mindset that can get you through your divorce successfully – and with as little emotional costs as possible.

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