How Street Racing Impacts Communities

June 13, 2018

Adrenalin, youthfulness and a feeling of invincibility are usually traits used to describe those who are involved in illegal street racing. These youngsters typically like to soup up their cars and meet late a might on what many believe are quiet straightaways on city thoroughfares. But, as sometimes happens, these…
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Motorcyclists Assail Helmet Safety for Free-Ride Experience

May 18, 2018

There’s usually two camps in the motorcycle world as far as safety goes – those who gear up and those who purposefully don’t wear protective gear for the experience of feeling more free when they ride. Call it vainglory or ignorant, but this free-rider fashion statement does very little for…
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Multi-Car Accident Kills Six on Colorado-Nebraska Border

February 8, 2018

Sometimes it’s the stories you hear of complete strangers dying that really hits home. This one about a Minnesota family is tragic to say the least. It involves a family of five who were driving in their minivan to Denver, so the husband and wife team of Jamison and Kathryne…
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Driver Gets One Year Jail Sentence for Hit-and-Run of Jogger

October 19, 2017

A hit-and-run story such as this tends to weight a bit heavier on families as kids start going back to school. In this case, the driver was sentenced to one year in jail and four years of probation for hitting a Highlands Ranch jogger. “Mr. **** struck and seriously injured…
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Even Sports Figures Get Injured in Car Accidents

October 19, 2017

It’s not real common that when a professional athlete gets hurt that they rely on the benevolence of the community to help them out, but that’s exactly what Denver Nuggets fans are doing for summer league member Josh Adams, who suffered a fractured vertebra in a traumatic car accident. “After…
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The Textalyzer: Revenge for Distracted Driving

July 31, 2016

Texting while driving, though illegal Colorado since 2009, still happens way to often, causing preventable car crashes, injuries and, in the worst cases, deaths. “Radical change requires radical ideas,” said Mark Rosekind, an official at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), referring to beefing up the tactics used to try to stop distracted…
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Can Self-Driving Buses Prevent Motor Vehicle Accidents?

July 20, 2016

Tesla Motors Inc. is reportedly working on a self-driving bus that would supposedly put drivers out of work and provide public transportation to the masses. “We have an idea for something which is not exactly a bus but would solve the density problem for inner city situations,” said Tesla’s Chief…
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80s Hits Used to Promote Motorcycle Safety

July 10, 2016

Leave it to Colorado’s eclectic and inclusive government to come up with a humorous motorcycle safety campaign that features burly, biker-sounding voices singing some classic 80s songs. The goal is to remind motorists that they share the roads with motorcycle riders and that they should be aware of riders whenever driving (especially…
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Motorcycle Accident Closes Busy Intersection

June 28, 2016

A motorcycle accident recently shut down a section of the intersection at East Alameda Avenue and South Monaco Parkway. Police investigators said that at least one person was seriously injured in this wreck. There’s no word, as of yet, to the cause of the crash and no citations had been issued…
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Blind Car Accident Victim Sues City of Littleton

June 12, 2016

A blind woman who was confused by the crumbling and shattered pavement on the drive into a Chubby’s Mexican restaurant on Lowell Street in Littleton has filed a lawsuit against the city, Chubby’s owner and the Colorado School for the Blind. This case stems from pedestrian and auto accident that occurred…
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