In conclusion to our three-part blog Colorado Child Custody FAQs, here are some more answers to common questions that arise when parents of children are preparing for divorce and/or are dealing with any matters related to custody.

Keep in mind that the answers provided in this blog are general in nature and that you are encouraged to consult with an experienced attorney like the Highlands Ranch divorce and family law attorneys at Bahr and Kreidle for more specific info and professional advice regarding your case.

If you have more questions after reviewing these Colorado child custody FAQs, contact the Highlands Ranch family law attorneys at Bahr and Kreidle.

If you have more questions after reviewing these Colorado child custody FAQs, contact the Highlands Ranch family law attorneys at Bahr and Kreidle.

Q: If custody is shared, does either parent have to pay child support?

A: This depends from case to case. When deciding on whether one parent will have to pay child support (or how much that child support may be), a family court judge will typically take into consideration:

  • How much time each parent is responsible for the involved children
  • How much money each parent earns
  • The children’s expenses.

It’s important to point here that child support payments can be amended at any time if the circumstances of custody or one parent’s financial situation changes; however, these amendments to child support payment obligations must be officially handed down by the court (i.e., a person cannot simply decide to change the payment obligations without an official court ruling).

Q: If my ex isn’t paying child support according to the custody agreement, can I stop letting him or her see our child?

A: No. It can, of course, be tempting to withhold your child from your ex when you haven’t been getting the child support you need. This, however, is NOT a good idea and may end up coming back to bite you later. Instead, if your ex is not living up to his or her end of his child support obligations, the best thing you can do is to return to court and disclose this information to the judge.

While the judge may be able to impose some penalties to get your ex to pay the arrears and continue making child support payments moving forward, the judge may also decide to make an official change to the custody agreement.

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