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While a final decree in a divorce can legally end a marriage and divide the marital assets and debts, in some cases, situations may change after the divorce, triggering various issues and disputes to develop. When post-divorce disputes arise, the Littleton divorce and family law attorneys at the Law Office of Littleton Lawyers™ are ready to help our clients settle these disputes and work out favorable resolutions.
While our goal is to try to get post divorce mediation outside of court to keep legal fees minimal and to try to achieve solutions in the most efficient manner possible, our attorneys are always ready to assert our clients’ rights in court to ensure they are able to get the outcomes they deserve.

Our Experience with Post-Divorce Disputes

Some of the various types of contentious matters that can arise after divorces – and that our lawyers are highly skilled at handling – include (but are not limited to):
Modifications of child custody arrangements (which may become an issue if one parent sustains a dramatic change to his or her health, if a parent moves out of state, if a parent develops an addiction problem, etc.)
Modifications of spousal support and/or child support payments (which may be necessary if one party loses his or her job or when the child custody arrangements have been altered)
Enforcement of nonpayment of spousal support and/or child support payments (which may involve taking steps to garnish a person’s wages or seeking other legal remedies)
Enforcement of a failure to comply with custody agreements, visitation agreements, etc.).
Having a post-divorce actions lawyer on your side who is experienced at overseeing and successfully settling such disputes is crucial to ensuring that you get the outcomes you need and the resolutions you deserve.
For more than 30 years, the divorce attorneys at the Law Office of Littleton Lawyers™ have been effective at handling the most complicated, sensitive and contentious matters of family law to help our clients obtain the best possible outcomes to their disputes. Our lawyers know how complex and heated post-dissolution disputes can be, and we know that resolving these cases fairly and efficiently is crucial to helping all sides move on with their lives. That’s why we are committed to being here to advocate our clients’ rights and ultimately helping them secure the best possible resolutions to their cases.
A choice to work with the trusted Littleton divorce and family law attorneys at Littleton Lawyers™ can give people confidence that their important legal matters will be resolved as favorably, efficiently and discretely as possible.
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