Divorce is often a stressful, draining and difficult process, as the dissolution of a marriage can bring up a number of sensitive issues, particularly when it comes to finances and children. What this ultimately means is that, even when divorce proceedings start off amicably, they may quickly turn ugly, especially if either side starts making allegations about another person’s character and/or conduct during the marriage.

Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do during divorce in order to avoid hurting your case and to see the best possible outcome to your divorce.

Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do during divorce in order to avoid hurting your case and to see the best possible outcome to your divorce.

In this blog, we will highlight some important things to keep in mind when initiating and moving through the divorce process. While the discussion herein can help you avoid certain actions that may complicate the process, it’s also important to point out that hiring a Littleton divorce attorney at Bahr and Kreidle will be critical to ensuring that your rights are protected and that the divorce process goes as smoothly as possible.

What NOT to Do During a Divorce

As you work through the process of dissolving your marriage, do your best to NOT:

  • Lose your temper – Divorce can get frustrating, especially if the process seems to be taking a long time because you and your former partner are disputing various aspects of the divorce (like, for instance, custody matters, the division of assets or how the marital debt should be divided).Although it can be difficult to hold it together, do whatever it takes to remain as calm as possible. Losing your temper will not get you anywhere – and it could, in fact, end up hurting you and your case (as your ex could try to use it as “evidence” that you do this all the time and, therefore, you shouldn’t get custody, for example).
  • Move out of state or start planning to do so – If you do want to make such a move, wait until your divorce has been finalized. These types of moves can only serve to needlessly complicate a divorce case, and they may even impact your child custody case.
  • Violate court orders – If, while the divorce is pending, a family court judge issues any type of court order (like, for example, a visitation order, a custody order or even a restraining/protection order), make sure you fully abide by the terms of any and all court orders that have been issued.While violating court orders can result in your losing some of your rights or, in the most serious cases, being sent to jail, it could also have negative impacts for you in terms of how a judge rules on important issues of your divorce and related matters.
  • Give away or sell marital property – During some divorces, people may want to immediately sell off or give away some of the marital property as a way to either get over the marriage or get back at their exes.It’s crucial, however, that people resist this urge, as getting rid of marital property before the court has officially determined how this property should be divided or handled could create some significant problems down the line. Instead, it’s best to be as compliant with the courts as possible and to leave it up to your attorney to fight for your interests in the property and the divorce.

For more of the Do’s and Don’ts of divorce, be sure to check out the upcoming second and third installments of this blog.

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