Picking up from where we left off in The Do’s & Don’ts of Divorce: What You Need to Know (Pt. 1), here, we will continue pointing out how your actions during the divorce process can impact the outcome of your case.

While the first part of this blog focused on discussing some of the things that people should avoid doing (in order to avoid negatively impacting the outcome of their case), below we will take a closer look at the Do’s of divorce – in other words, what people should do in order to help their case proceed as smoothly as possible.

Being willing to compromise on some things can be an important thing to do during divorce. Contact our Littleton divorce lawyers for more specific info about your case.

Being willing to compromise on some things can be an important thing to do during divorce. Contact our Littleton divorce lawyers for more specific info about your case.

The Do’s of Divorce

Some of the things that you can do to facilitate a divorce case and help it reach a successful resolution in an efficient manner include to:

  • Be willing to compromise and keep an open mind – The events or issues that may have sparked a divorce can be a particular source of resentment or bitterness; however, fueling your divorce with these feelings can only serve to make the case that much more contentious and expensive, which can ultimately end up backfiring in the long run.Therefore, even if you are still very upset with your ex, try to keep an open mind (as best as you can) in terms of what or how you are willing to compromise in order to resolve the divorce as quickly and favorably as possible. While you don’t have to be willing to compromise on everything, being open to the possibility of compromise with some issues can go a long way to resolving the divorce.
  • Put your children’s best interests ahead of your own desires – This is a particularly important point when it comes to matters of visitation and/or child custody agreements. While you may want to try to stick it to your ex in a divorce case by fighting to limit or minimize his or her custody rights, it’s extremely important that you consider whether or not your wishes are truly in the best interests of your children. Try to put your own bitterness aside and work out agreements that will truly benefit your children in the long run.
  • Try to cooperate with your ex outside of court (if and when possible) – In some cases, divorcing partners will have to work with each other outside of court to, for instance, exchange the children, divide or deal with certain assets, etc.If you find yourself having to work with your ex outside of court for any reason, do your best to cooperate. How you deal with your ex in these issues can go a long way in the eyes of the court and may serve to further promote your wishes or interests when it comes time for a judge to make an official ruling in the case.

Be sure to check out the upcoming conclusion to this blog for more info about how you can help facilitate a successful resolution in your divorce case.

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