If you suddenly became incapacitated through injury or illness, who would be responsible for your care? Who would make medical decisions for you? Who would handle your finances? Who would have your best interest at heart?

If you are incapacitated and unable to care for yourself, the courts may be forced to intervene and name a guardian or conservator for you. By definition, a guardian is someone who is responsible for a person’s well being and care, while a conservator is responsible for their estate and financial affairs. In the state of Colorado, children, people with a cognitive or physical disability, and incapacitated adults may all benefit from a representative who can assist them in making personal, medical and financial decisions.

When a minor or incapacitated individual can not adequately care for themselves, it is important to legally name a conservator and guardian so that their rights and the rights of the caretakers are recognized. When this situation arises, it is important to contact a Colorado conservator and guardianship attorney to ensure that your rights and the rights of the minor are protected. A conservator or guardianship attorney will be able to assist you with:

  • Child guardianship
  • Legal or Temporary guardianship
  • Probate
  • Power of Attorney
  • Conservatorship
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Intestate succession

Guardianship and Conservatorship can be a lengthy and complicated process. While there are temporary guardianships (90 days) that can be obtained in emergency situations, the majority of guardianships can require extensive paperwork and even time in court. During this time, an experienced Colorado conservator or guardianship attorney can ensure that your case is handled quickly and efficiently.

Q: When should I contact a Conservator and Guardianship Attorney?

A: When you are planning for your future it is important to plan for your care should you become incapacitated. You should contact a Guardianship attorney to help you prepare your will, establish a trust and create a basic estate plan to avoid a lengthy guardianship or conservatorship proceeding in the future. In addition, if someone in your family is unable to care for themselves or make appropriate medical and financial decisions, a guardianship attorneys can help you determine what options are best for you and your loved ones.

Q: I am in the military and about to go overseas. Can a Guardianship Attorney help me?

A:There are special situations that arise when parents of a minor are both in the military. If both parents suddenly find themselves overseas, a Colorado guardianship attorney will be able to help family members provide for their children while they are away.

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