Welcoming a new child into the family can be a very exciting time for everyone involved. If you are considering adoption; however, it can also be a very stressful and overwhelming time. No matter what type of adoption you are considering, in the state of Colorado, there are more options available to you than ever before. An experienced Littleton Colorado adoption attorney will be able to help you determine which option is best for you and your family.

Types of Adoption Services:

  • Closed Adoption: This is an adoption where there is no ongoing communication between the birth parents and the adopted parents.
  • Open Adoption: This type of adoption involves some communication between the birth parents and the adopted parents and child. The amount of communication varies from case to case.
  • International Adoptions: An adoption that takes place outside of the continental United States. If you wish to adopt a child from a foreign country, an adoption attorney can assist you with finding appropriate agencies,  reviewing any legal documents, familiarizing yourselves with  foreign adoption laws and obtaining the appropriate IR4 visas and immigration paperwork.
  • Domestic or Interstate Adoptions: Domestic Adoptions take place in the continental United States. An Interstate Adoption specifically occurs when parents wish to adopt a child in another state. In this situation, both states need to approve the adoption.
  • Stepparent Adoptions: When a stepparent wishes to adopt a child, an adoption attorney will need to help determine if the stepparent can legally do so. In some situations, the birth parent’s rights may need to be terminated prior to proceeding with a stepparent adoption.
  • Relative Adoption: Any relative can seek to adopt a child if the parent’s have suddenly become incapacitated or unable to care for their child. If the child has already been in their care for longer than a year, agency involvement is usually not needed.
  • Same Sex Adoption: New laws have been passed that allow for non-married couples to legally adopt children. As Littleton Colorado adoption lawyers, we represent all forms of non-traditional families and ensure that the rights of all parties are protected.
  • Foster Parent Adoption: When a foster parent wishes to adopt the child they have been fostering, an experienced adoption attorney can help expedite the process and represent them in court.
  • Custodial Adoption:Under Colorado law, a non relative can seek to adopt a child if they have been caring for the child for over a year, have legal custody of the child, or if the child’s biological parents have abandoned the child.
  • Contested Adoptions: A Littleton Colorado adoption attorney can help parents or relatives who wish to contest or object to an adoption. In many cases, a father or grandparent may wish to prevent a child from becoming adopted.
  • Adoption of a Special Needs Child: When a parent wishes to adopt a child with special needs, a Colorado adoption attorney can help them qualify for special benefits and reimbursements that are available under Federal and State laws.

As Littleton Colorado adoption attorneys, we represent birth parents, adoptive parents and relatives on both sides of the adoption process. During this difficult and emotional time, it is important to have an experience adoption lawyer on your side to protect the rights of both you and the child during the adoption process.

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