How Street Racing Impacts Communities

Adrenalin, youthfulness and a feeling of invincibility are usually traits used to describe those who are involved in illegal street racing. These youngsters typically like to soup up their cars and meet late a might on what many believe are quiet straightaways on city thoroughfares. But, as sometimes happens, these young drivers either get caught for speeding or even driving under the influence, or worse – crash and die.

Unfortunately, Denver just had a deadly street racing incident on Saturday, August 20. Apparently, two silver sedans crashed at the intersection of Interstate 76 and Federal Boulevard after running a red light. One person died at the scene and two others were rushed to the hospital, according to the Colorado State Patrol.1

What Does Street Racing Look Like Today in the United States?

Street racing is alive and well in America and it tends to occur during the weekends, when our youth are out of school and find themselves bored looking for thrills. The big difference between street racing today and street racing in the past is that today’s version is very brazen and often times is very well regulated. Street racing today often involves several roles:

  • Flaggers
  • Timekeepers
  • Lookouts to watch for cops. They usually have computers, cell phones, police scanners, walkie-talkies or two-way radios.
  • Websites – Some elaborate groups even have their own websites announcing races, locations and even publish the statistical odds of getting caught by the cops. Some groups even publish the results of previous night’s races, along with a detailed accounting of any police interaction, and size of the crowd. Some will even post a link to police departments to, so racers can see if there is a bench warrant out for their arrest.

What Are the Offshoot Adverse Impacts Associated with Street Racing?

When people decide to break the law and get involved with street racing it leads to other related problems that law enforcement and our communities must deal with. Here is a list of several of those related problems triggered by street racing, according to

  • Car Theft – Hondas, Acuras and other style sedan vehicles are popular among those stolen by those involved in the criminal aspect of street racing.
  • Physical Assaults – This often occurs when there is retaliation for failing to pay for racing bets.
  • Cruising – This tends to happen on weekends and at night. Oftentimes, communities and law enforcement have to close down particular roads to cruising, when it becomes a problem.
  • Curfew Violations – Again, mostly occurs on the weekends.
  • DUIs/DUIDs – These are typical violations related to street racing and sometimes are gang related.
  • Insurance Fraud – This occurs when racers damage vehicles and lie about the damage to their insurance carriers.
  • Illegal Vehicle Modification – These kits and parts are sometimes shipped from out of the country or modified with the knowledge of a professional-level mechanic.
  • Illegal Gambling – This can be done by an appointed bookie or sometimes even done by gangs.

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1“CSP: 1 killed in street racing crash” published in Fox 31 News, August 2016.

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