Multi-Car Accident Kills Six on Colorado-Nebraska Border

Sometimes it’s the stories you hear of complete strangers dying that really hits home. This one about a Minnesota family is tragic to say the least. It involves a family of five who were driving in their minivan to Denver, so the husband and wife team of Jamison and Kathryne Pals, both 29, could get some training for a mission trip they were planning to take to Japan.

“They were humble. They were soft-spoken. They were gentle," said Gwen Britton, the family’s missionary supervisor. "They did not promote themselves – but they were very committed to taking the good news of Jesus to the people of Japan. And that’s what their lives were all about."¹

Details and Allegations Surrounding the Pals Deadly Car Accident

Multi-Car Accident Kills Six on Colorado-Nebraska Border

The following details and allegations surrounding the car/truck accident involving the Pals family were collected from police documents and media reports:

  • This multi-car accident occurred just over the Colorado border with Nebraska.
  • It occurred on Sunday, July 31 on Interstate 80 near Ogallala, NE.
  • A trailer truck rear-ended the back of the Pals’ minivan.
  • The Pals along with their three children were all killed in the crash.
  • The Pals family was journeying to Colorado to attend a training called Mission Training International, where they would have received the final four-week preparation training needed to go to Japan.
  • A 56-year-old Denver man was also killed in the crash.
  • Four vehicles in all were involved in the collision.
  • The 53-year-old semi-truck driver was arrested and charged with five counts of felony motor vehicle homicide and one count of reckless driving.

How Do Truck Carriers Protect Against Fatal Crashes?

All commercial truckers that operate as interstate carriers are required by law to carry liability insurance that covers up to $750,000 in damage or injury to another person and their personal property and vehicle. If the compensation damages being sought is higher in value than what the policy carries, then an attorney can go after that truck driver’s personal wages and savings.

Here are several reasons truckers buy general liability insurance, according to

  • Protects actions of a truck driver while on the premises of others (truck stops, loading docks, motels, etc.)
  • Protects customers driving or walking onto your premises (trip and fall)
  • Protects against erroneous delivery of goods
  • Protects in the event of a fire
  • Fulfills contractual liability requirements (lease agreements, etc.)

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1“6 Dead, Including Family of 5, After Multi-Car Crash” published in 9 News, August 2016.

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