Last year, more than 88,000 people were seriously injured in commercial truck accidents, and more than 4,000 people were killed in these collisions, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). What may be as tragic as these statistics is the fact that many of these truck accidents were caused by preventable negligence, meaning that these collisions, injuries and deaths could have been prevented if not for the negligence of some party.

At the Law Office of Bahr, Kreidle & Flicker, our Littleton truck accident lawyers have been representing the victims of these accidents since 1983. We are highly skilled at proving negligence, holding the negligent parties responsible and working relentlessly to help accident victims get the compensation the deserve.

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When Negligence Contributes to Truck Accidents

The negligence that can play a role in causing truck accidents can come in various forms – and it can be dealt out by the hands of many different parties. Some specific examples of how negligence can cause truck accidents include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Truck drivers operating vehicles while they are intoxicated or fatigued
  • Truck drivers using their cellphones, eating or otherwise being distracted while trying to operate trucks
  • Truck drivers lacking the proper training and/or licenses to safely handle large commercial vehicles
  • Truck drivers failing to comply with traffic laws (by, for example, speeding, failing to stop at red lights, cutting off other drivers, not using their indicators when turning or changing lanes, etc.)
  • Truck drivers and/or trucking companies choosing to violate federal trucking regulations or failing to properly maintain commercial vehicles
  • Trucking companies hiring drivers without having performed background checks on these drivers (as these checks can be critical to finding out if drivers have a history of DUI, if they have a valid commercial driver’s license, etc.).

It’s important to point out that other parties, including (but not limited to) the following may also be negligent and, as a result, be at-fault for causing truck accidents:

  • The drivers of other passenger vehicles if these other drivers are drunk, fatigued, distracted and/or are driving recklessly
  • The agencies or entities responsible for keeping the roads safe if dangerous road conditions have contributed to truck accidents
  • Vehicle manufacturers in the event that a defective piece of equipment is responsible for causing truck accidents (For example, if the brakes on a truck fail to work, the company who made or maintained these brakes may be found to be at-fault for the accident).

Types of Truck Accident Cases We Handle

When such negligence plays a role in causing truck accidents, the Littleton truck accident attorneys at Bahr, Kreidle & Flicker will be ready to defend victims’ rights and help them prove negligence in their case. In fact, we have a proven record of successfully handling various types of truck accident cases, including (but not limited to) those that involve claims related to:

  • Semi and 18-wheeler truck accidents
  • Tractor trailer truck accidents
  • Commercial truck accidents
  • Construction truck accidents
  • Delivery truck accidents
  • Mail truck accidents
  • Dump and trash truck accidents.

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For more than three decades, the personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Bahr, Kreidle & Flicker have been aggressively standing up against injustice and helping injured people get the highest possible awards for their injuries and losses.

When truck accident victims choose to work with us, our attorneys will provide them with exceptional personal service and the highest quality legal representation at every stage of their case. This means that our clients can always count on us to be available to answer their questions, to fiercely defend their rights and to be tenacious about getting them the justice and compensation they deserve.

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