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The attorneys at Bahr, Kreidle & Flicker are dedicated to helping people obtain justice, defend their rights and protect their interests. Skilled at navigating the complexities of the legal system on behalf of our clients, our lawyers will work relentlessly to help you resolve your important legal issues as favorably and efficiently as possible.

Below is an overview of our practice areas. We encourage you to continue browsing our site to learn more about our wide range of legal services, as well as what our former clients have had to say about us. When you are ready to move forward and learn more about how we can help you, contact us – we’ll be ready to talk to you and help.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Over the course of your lifetime, you are likely to be in four to five traffic accidents, research shows. When these collisions happen, their impacts can be as physically and emotionally damaging as they may be financially distressing – and holding the responsible party accountable can be critical to victims’ recovery.

Our Littleton lawyers are skilled at aggressively advocating accident victims’ rights and helping them obtain the compensation they deserve after these collisions.

Insurance Denials

All too often, insurance companies do not honor valid claims, undervaluing them or even denying them outright for minor or dubious reasons. This can be devastating to the people filing these claims, as they are typically also trying to pick up the pieces after some type of accident or trauma.

At Bahr, Kreidle & Flicker, our Littleton lawyers know how to stand up to insurers and prove when they have acted in bad faith with policyholders’ claims. We can help you recover the payouts to which you are entitled.

Family Law

Divorce, child custody and other family legal issues can be complicated and difficult to resolve on your own. What can be just as distressing as the issue at hand can be trying to figure out what you need to do to protect your rights and interests as you move forward.

The Littleton lawyers at Bahr, Kreidle & Flicker are here for you during these times. Experienced at protecting our clients’ interests and rights in any legal setting, our attorneys can help you obtain the best possible outcomes to your family legal issues.

Personal Injury

When others’ negligence, carelessness or recklessness harms you, standing up to these parties and holding them accountable can be crucial to getting justice and compensation for your injuries and losses.

At Bahr, Kreidle & Flicker, our Littleton lawyers are skilled at fighting for our clients’ rights and helping them maximize their financial recoveries from personal injury lawsuits.


Probate can be a difficult process to get through in the wake of a loved one’s death. Whether you need help putting an estate plan together to minimize your loved one’s future probate obligations – or you need representation in probate now, you can turn to our Littleton lawyers for experienced help and superior representation.

We can effectively guide you through the estate planning and probate process to help you protect what matters most – your loved ones and the assets you want them to have in the future.

Business & Contract Disputes

Business and contract disputes can be costly and ruinous, making it critical to resolve them as efficiently and favorably as possible. Whether you are embroiled in a business dispute involving an employee/employer or some third party, our Littleton lawyers can help you protect your rights and interests while bringing the matter to a successful resolution.

General Civil Litigation

Civil legal matters can quickly escalate and become complicated, especially when people do not have the right representation. At Bahr, Kreidle & Flicker, our Littleton lawyers are experienced at advocating our clients’ rights in any legal setting and helping them realize the best possible resolutions to their civil cases.

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