slider-bizroom-150x150One of the most difficult and stressful aspects of divorce is the issue of how the new situation affects your children. Of course, you want the best possible situation for you children, and you know that your spouse wants that as well. However, the emotions, the bad feelings, the issues that caused the marriage to end in the first place also get involved in the decision of how much time your children will spend with you and how much time they will spend with your spouse. Even in cases where the end of the marriage is reasonably amicable, many people have a very difficult time with issues of child care.

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Colorado does not officially use the word custody, because it tends to create a problem with issues of why the children spend more or less time with each parent. In fact, the court may advocate for children to spend equal time with each parent, but it is vital that this arrangement be in the best interest of the children. In any event, the court generally recognizes that if the parents can come to an understanding about the division of family time, the children are more likely to benefit. Unfortunately, again, the negative feelings that caused the marriage relationship to fall apart may get in the way of this. When seeking a Littleton divorce lawyer, an important consideration may be the ability to negotiate with the other parent in order to get a settlement regarding the children that is in their best interest, while also allowing you the time that you need and want with your children.

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