When Insurance Companies Wrongly Deny Auto Accident Claims: Fighting Back

When Insurance Companies Wrongly Deny Auto Accident Claims: Fighting Back

Auto insurance claim denials following a traffic accident can make crash victims feel they are being victimized all over again. After all, they were the ones harmed in the collision – and, now, they are being told that their claim is invalid and that they are on the own in terms of covering the accident-related crash.

While these wrongful denials can be frustrating – if not wholly upsetting, it’s important for survivors to know that:

  • They do not have to battle insurance companies on their own.
  • Insurers commonly deny legitimate claims (sometimes even for minor or unfounded reasons) in an effort to preserve their own profits – especially if they believe that claimants don’t know their rights.
  • Appealing wrongful denials with the help of an experienced attorney can be the key to reversing insurers’ decisions and successfully recovering from the crash.

After a Wrongful Denial: First Steps to Take

Insurers decisions regarding auto crash claims typically come via mailed letters. So, the very first thing to do when you receive a decision letter from an insurance company is to read the entire thing very carefully. Look for:

  • The date on the letter
  • The reason cited for the denial
  • Any information the insurance company has provided regarding appealing the decision.

Reasons Insurers Commonly Cite When Denying Auto Accident Claims

While an insurance company may cite any number of reasons for denying your claim, in general, some of the most common reasons include:

  • No Coverage: Has your insurer told you that you aren’t covered for your claim? Have you been diligent about paying your premiums? Do you have copy of your original policy? If the answers to these questions are ‘yes,’ it’s time to fight back and appeal the denial.
  • Post-Claim Underwriting: Has an insurer claimed that you don’t have the type of coverage you thought you did? Were you ever informed that this aspect of your coverage was terminated? Post-claim underwriting, which involves insurers altering policies after claims have been filed against them, is illegal, and is another common way insurers can try to deny auto accident claims.
  • At-Fault Denials: Is an insurance company trying to pin the blame for an accident on you even though you were the victim (and someone else is or may be to blame)? Has the insurer failed to conduct a proper investigation of your claim before making this fault determination? Again, if the answers here are ‘yes,’ appealing the denial is the best thing you can do to fight back and secure the compensation you may deserve.

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