When divorcing couples are able to communicate with each other, developing marital settlement agreements (MSAs) can be a far more preferable option than traditional divorce, as MSAs can:

  • Save people a lot of money and time
  • Empower divorcing couples, as the divorcing individuals can make the decisions regarding the important issues of their divorce instead of leaving these decisions up to the court
  • Enable people to resolve their divorce cases far more efficiently, as they can set the schedule for meeting to developing an MSA, rather than being bound to the schedule set by the court.

In this three-part blog series, we will provide a checklist of some of the most important issues to consider and items to include when developing marital settlement agreements. If you have questions about MSAs or any aspect of the divorce process, don’t hesitate to contact a trusted Littleton divorce attorney at Bahr and Kreidle.

Essential Checklist for Marital Settlement Agreements

General Information Regarding the Divorcing Parties

Here’s a checklist of some of the most important items to include in marital settlement agreements. Contact us to ensure your interests are protected when drafting MSAs.

Here’s a checklist of some of the most important items to include in marital settlement agreements. Contact us to ensure your interests are protected when drafting MSAs.

This part of marital settlement agreements should include:

  • The identifying information regarding each adult and any minor child in the divorce – This should include at the very least the names and ages of each individual involved in the divorce.
  • The term of the marriage – In other words, the number of months or years that the marriage lasted should be specified in marital settlement agreements.
  • Information regarding whether official divorce proceedings have been initiated with the court
  • The current monthly income each party earns – This should detail not only the amount of money each party earns monthly from his or her job but also any funds pulled in from rental properties, government benefits, annuities, etc.
  • Whether any issues remain unresolved and will need to be settled by the court.

We will present some more crucial items to have on your checklist for marital settlement agreements in the upcoming second and third parts of this blog series – make sure you look for them!

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