A Littleton car accident lawyer discusses the issues associated with providing statements to insurers after accidents.

A Littleton car accident lawyer discusses the issues associated with providing statements to insurers after accidents.

Not if you are not prepared to because these statements can be used against you later to try to devalue or deny your auto accident claim. In fact, when it comes to providing written statements or recorded verbal statements following a traffic collision, here is what you need to know:

  • You may not be legally required to provide such a statement – That’s if another motorist’s insurance company is asking you for a statement. In fact, while these insurers may try to put pressure on you to provide a statement, you are not under any legal obligation to do so. So don’t.As for your own insurance company, your policy may require you (as part of a legal contract) to provide an official statement following a crash. In these cases, you will likely have to provide a written or recorded verbal statement or face having your claim denied. When this occurs, having an attorney represent you can be pivotal to protecting your interests.
  • Admitting fault in these statements will hurt your claim – So, again, don’t do it. Just stick to the facts like where and when the accident happened, who was involved in the crash, whether the police were called, etc.
  • Contradictory or inconsistent statements can also be used against you – And this typically becomes an issue with recorded verbal statements when injured people may not be prepared to answer questions with specifics. This underscores the importance of waiting until you are ready to provide a statement or, better yet, retaining an attorney to deal with the insurance company on your behalf.
  • Instead of providing a statement, it’s usually better to retain a lawyer to represent you – And this is because a lawyer will know how to advocate your rights and protect your interests when dealing with insurance companies. In fact, because insurance companies are not on your side (they are generally focused on protecting their profits by limiting payouts), an attorney can help you fight back so you are able to maximize your financial recovery.

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