In support of National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, regulators at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) have just kicked off their 2015 Ride Wise campaign. This effort, which is focused on promoting rider safety through various training courses, has been specifically aimed at:

  • As CDOT supports Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, our Littleton car accident lawyers note what riders can do to stay safe on the roads.

    As CDOT supports Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, our Littleton car accident lawyers note what riders can do to stay safe on the roads.

    Older male riders, who CDOT notes “may have thousands of miles of experience, yet little to zero hours of formal training on safe riding”

  • Reducing fatal motorcycle accidents in Colorado, in which nearly 100 people died last year (based on preliminary data).

Commenting on the importance of CDOT’s Ride Wise campaign, CDOT Highway Safety Manager (and motorcycle riding enthusiast) Glenn Davis has stated:

We want to educate riders and prevent these crashes in the first place… Training helps even the most experienced of riders improve their riding skills by focusing on techniques such as braking, counter steering and cornering.

A Closer Look at CDOT’s Ride Wise Campaign

In 2014, CDOT’s Ride Wise campaign was recognized for excellence via various national awards. Hoping to continue this tradition, CDOT is expanding the 2015 Ride Wise campaign to include:

  • Philosophical messages to underscore the importance of life-long learning for riders
  • Billboards, online videos and print ads all crafted to deliver the message that ongoing training is necessary for safe riding (and sharp riding skills)
  • Motorcycle training courses provided by 13 different vendors across Colorado (These training courses reportedly include classroom education with “real-life application on controlled courses”).

CDOT Safe Riding Tips

Supporting the Ride Wise campaign is CDOT’s own Live to Ride campaign, which is focused on helping all riders – of any skill level – have fun and stay alive. The primary safety messages at the core of this campaign are as follows:

  • Complete rider safety training – In fact, riders have been found to be at fault for causing about 70 percent of the fatal motorcycle accidents that occur in Colorado, and lack of safety training is one of the leading contributing factors in such collisions.
  • Ride sober – Nearly 40 percent of riders killed in fatal motorcycle accidents in Colorado (in 2011) were drunk at the time of the collision.
  • Wear the right protective gear – Simply wearing a safety helmet can greatly reduce the risk of sustaining fatal injuries in motorcycle crashes.

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