DOT Releases New Holiday Anti-Drunk Driving Ads to Run in Star Wars Showings

DOT Releases New Holiday Anti-Drunk Driving Ads to Run in Star Wars Showings

Cracking down on impaired driving is a top priority for transportation regulators and law enforcement officials during the holiday season. While these efforts generally include public service announcements, along with heightened patrols and checkpoints, this year’s anti-drunk driving crackdown will also include running new ads before screenings of Star Wars in theaters across the nation.

The ads, entitled Man/Woman in the Mirror, feature an individual facing a mirror, with the reflection trying to convince the impaired individual that (s)he’s OK to drive. The point is to highlight how impairment can lead to poor judgment – and how drunk individuals “can’t trust themselves to properly judge whether they are sober enough to drive.”

Discussing the new ads and the overall importance of the holiday DUI crackdown, NTHSA Administrator Mark Rosekind has noted that:

In the time it takes to watch a two-hour movie, two or more lives will be lost in drunk-driving related crashes. Drunk driving doesn’t just happen. It’s a decision people make. A decision to break the law can bring with it fatal consequences…We’re proud to be working with thousands of law enforcement agencies across the country to protect the public and get drunk drivers off our roads.

Regulators Backup Their Message with DUI Crash Statistics for 2014

As part of the announcement regarding these new anti-drunk driving ads, officials also released some new findings about the incidence of drunk driving accidents and fatalities in the U.S. in 2014. And here are some of the most noteworthy statistics:

  • Nearly 10,000 people in the U.S. were killed in drunk driving crashes last year.
  • This amounts to one death every 57 minutes.
  • In nearly 70 percent of the fatal drunk driving crashes that occurred last year, at least one driver had a BAC of 0.15 (or higher).
  • While drunk driving crashes are about four times more likely to occur at night, male drivers are about 8 percent more likely to cause drunk driving collisions than female motorists.
  • Fatal drunk driving crashes spiked in December around the holidays, when nearly 8 percent of these collisions occurred.

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