Wrapping up our blog series FAQs about Dealing with Insurers after Car Accidents, below are some final answers to common questions about what people should and shouldn’t do when it comes to dealing with insurers after car accidents.

Q – What are some general tips that can help me when dealing with insurers after car accidents?

When you are ready for help dealing with insurers after car accidents, we are here for you. Contact Bahr and Kreidle today for superior representation with your car accident case.

When you are ready for help dealing with insurers after car accidents, we are here for you. Contact Bahr and Kreidle today for superior representation with your car accident case.

A – In general, doing everything in your power that you can to protect yourself will be helpful if or when dealing with insurers after car accidents becomes especially challenging and disputes end up needing to be resolved in court. More specifically, some steps you can take to this end include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Keeping a detailed log of your phone conversations with insurers – This includes recording the date and time of each phone conversation you have with insurers. Going the extra step to jot down a summary of each conversation can be exponentially helpful.
  • Keeping a copy of every letter, email or other written correspondence insurers may send you – An easy way to make sure that none of this correspondence gets lost is to keep it all in one folder or binder.
  • Keeping copies of every bill related to the accident that you receive – This includes medical bills, car repair bills and other bills, and keeping these in the same binder as you keep insurers’ correspondence is an easy way to make sure none of this critical paperwork gets lost.
  • Contacting a lawyer when dealing with insurers after car accidents has become too frustrating or challenging.

Q – What if my claim has been denied? Am I out of luck for getting compensation even though my claim was valid?

A – No! Commonly, people make the mistake of assuming that the denial of their car accident claim is the final word in their case, and these people can end up losing compensation when they don’t make an effort to stand up to insurers. In fact, in the event that insurers end up denying your legitimate claim (or grossly undervaluing your claim), you:

  • Should contact an attorney
  • Turn down low-ball settlement offers
  • Appeal denials
  • Fight for the compensation you deserve.

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