A Littleton car accident lawyer explains how to determine fault following auto crashes.

A Littleton car accident lawyer explains how to determine fault following auto crashes.

Fault for auto collisions can come in various forms, with some being far more subtle than others. While a lawyer can review the facts of a case and help pinpoint liability, generally, the following factors can also shed some light on who or what parties may be at fault for traffic crashes.

5 Factors That Can Reveal Fault Following Traffic Accidents

  1. Police citations – Did law enforcement officers issue another driver or multiple drivers traffic tickets following the crash? If so, this indicates that the other motorist(s) likely broke the law and are at least partially responsible for the crash.
  2. Police reports – You may not always be privy to when citations have been issued, what other motorists say to officers and/or what evidence of negligence results from officers’ investigations. Police reports for crashes, however, can provide all of these details and more, possibly making them important, as well, to determining fault following some collisions.
  3. Statements from other involved drivers – Did another motorist involved in the crash admit to his or her role in causing it? Or did another driver apologize after the crash? These statements may subject other motorists to liability following accidents, especially if other evidence of fault for the crash points to them.
  4. Witness statements – Were there any third-party witnesses to the crash? If so, what did they see prior to and during the collision? Witnesses may be able to add some more details about what motorists were doing prior to the crash, again shedding some light on liability determinations.
  5. Photos of the accident scene – Did you snap any pictures of the accident scene? Or did anyone else? These pictures can display the crash damage, as well other details like tire tread marks, street conditions and/or weather conditions. And these details can also be critical to assessing liability following a crash.

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