Road Rage & Car Accidents

Road Rage & Car Accidents

Imagine this – A small, sleek, modern sedan tricked out with lightening, a turbo kit, and a fin aggressively swims in and out of morning traffic like a supervillain on a mission. The primary problem is that the driver is making a lot of maneuvers at the expense of other drivers, cutting them off, swerving in front of them, and goading them to speed up or move out of the way.

What can be inevitable in these situations is slamming on the horn and getting a bad reaction (maybe the one finger salute) from the overly aggressive driver. This can snowball into road rage, which can have a contagious quality, as the aggressive, rage-driven behaviors of one motorist can incite aggression and recklessness in surrounding drivers.

While it may not seem like road rage is that big of a deal, this aggression often leads to motorists speeding and otherwise violating traffic laws, endangering the lives of anyone sharing the road with them.

Common Signs of Road Rage

  • Swearing, shouting, screaming
  • Flashing a weapon or finger
  • Making risky maneuvers behind the wheel.

How Common is Road Rage?

Road rage is technically defined as “a constellation of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that occur in response to a perceived unjustified provocation while driving.”

Data indicates that about 1 in every 3 motorists commonly commits an act of road rage, according to the US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health.

Although this can be scary to consider, only about 2 percent of road rage-related incidents result in car accidents, according to authorities. And, while any motorists can succumb to road rage, most often, these drivers are young males.

What Contributes to Road Rage?

  • Heavily congested roadways
  • Displaced anger or high stress levels
  • Alcohol or drug dependencies
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Driver inexperience.

Five Ways to Combat Road Rage & Aggressive Driving 

Whether you or someone in your household is susceptible to road rage, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when this rage needs to be quelled to promote safe driving:

  1. Just say no to road rage, and refuse to participate in it.
  2. Sit it out in the slow lane and make yourself inconspicuous.
  3. Yield, even if you have the right away. Leave your ego at home.
  4. Stay focused on safety. This can help you make the smart, safe decision when you feel road rage start to build.

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