In light of our last blog, which was focused on answering the question How often will I be in a car accident?, we thought it would be a good time to answer another common and important question about traffic accidents – namely, when they are most likely to occur.

While, of course, car accidents can happen at any time – including when only one car/driver is on a given roadway – interestingly, there ARE times when traffic accidents are far more likely to occur and when, consequently, you as a driver will have a far greater risk of being in a traffic collision.

Here’s When Car Accidents Are Most Likely to Occur

A Littleton car accident lawyer explains when traffic accidents are most likely to occur. Contact us for help with your financial recovery after traffic accidents.

A Littleton car accident lawyer explains when traffic accidents are most likely to occur. Contact us for help with your financial recovery after traffic accidents.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the times when car accidents are most likely to take place include:

  • Weekends – This is when there tends to be more drunk (or otherwise impaired) motorists on the roads, increasing the risk of drunk driving collisions.In fact, the most dangerous day for motorists to be on the roads is Saturday, and the second and third most dangerous days are Friday and Sunday (respectively). In contrast, the least risky day for drivers to be on the roads is Tuesday.
  • Summer and fall months – As the weather warms up and more motorists are out and about, the risk of car accidents also increases.In fact, statistics reveal that the most car accidents (and fatal traffic collisions) typically occur in July and August. In contrast, the months associated with the fewest reports of car accidents included January and February (which also correlated with having the fewest number of motorists on the roadways).
  • Holidays – The greatest number of fatal car accidents to occur on a given day tends to occur on (and immediately before) the July 4th holiday.In fact, about 60 percent of the days on which the most fatal traffic accidents take place in the U.S. are holidays (and the days immediately preceding/following them), including July 4th, Dec. 23rd, Jan. 1st and Sept. 2nd (Labor Day).

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