Picking up from Winter Car Kits 101: Staying Safe on the Roads this Winter (Pt. 1), here, we will continue going over some of the important things to keep in winter car kits. By having the right kit in your car, you can stay safe if you end up being stranded on the road for any reason this winter season.

Winter Car Kits: Other Important Things to Include

Winter car kits should include things that can help you contact help and that can keep you safe while you wait for help to arrive.

Winter car kits should include things that can help you contact help and that can keep you safe while you wait for help to arrive.

In addition to tools for your vehicle and the snow, other important things to include in winter car kits will be items that can help you reach out for help and that can keep you warm and safe as you await help (if you are unable to get your car back on the road). In particular, these items can include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Things to get help – These can include an extra, fully charged cellphone, an extra cellphone battery and/or an extra cellphone charger. They can also include items like flares or small cones, which can be used to alert other motorists to your presence (and which may end up either getting other drivers to stop and help or others to call for help on your behalf).
  • Things to stay warm – Because you may end up waiting for hours for help to arrive (and because winter can bring freezing weather conditions), having some basic things to keep yourself (and others who may travel with you) warm can be essential to staying safe.In this regard, some of the items that you may want to include in your winter car kit (or that you may want to add to winter car kits that you buy from retailers) include (but, again, are by no means limited to):
    • A blanket
    • An extra jacket
    • Socks and/or an extra pair of boots
    • An extra hat and/or pair of winter gloves
    • Chemical heat packs.
  • Things to stay safe – Calling for help and staying warm are important, but you may need some additional items to keep you healthy and safe as you wait for help to get off of the side of a roadway. Some items that can keep you safe and healthy include medications that you regularly need (or that you may depend on, such as heart or allergy medications), as well as water and nonperishable foods (like energy bars, for instance).

We will point out some general tips for winter car kits in the upcoming conclusion to this blog series – be sure to check it out!

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