As the final installment of our three-part blog Personal Injury Lawsuits: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), here are some more questions that commonly come up when prospective plaintiffs want to learn more about the process of obtaining compensation.

Our personal injury lawsuit FAQs can answer some of your questions about these cases. For more info and to get your case started, contact Bahr and Kreidle.

Our personal injury lawsuit FAQs can answer some of your questions about these cases. For more info and to get your case started, contact Bahr and Kreidle.

For more specific answers regarding your rights and case, call or email the Littleton personal injury lawyers at Bahr and Kreidle.

Q: Should I see a doctor?

A: Yes! Don’t wait for compensation from your case before you see a doctor. In fact, victims are typically advised to see a doctor as soon as possible after an incident or accident to get an official diagnosis of the injury and to start receiving any treatments they may need. Personal injury settlements will most likely compensate victims for these bills, as well as the costs of future treatments they may need as part of their recovery.

Q: What will a personal injury settlement cover?

A: In addition to doctors’ bills and future treatment costs, personal injury settlements can also provide compensation for:

  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • A future inability to work
  • Mental suffering
  • Other losses sustained as a result of the incident, accident or injury.

The goal of personal injury settlements is to provide compensation for all of a person’s losses and injuries sustained due to the injury; in some cases, these settlements may also include punitive damages (which are intended to punish the negligent party for its recklessness). For a more precise estimate of potential compensation in your case, contact Bahr and Kreidle.

Q: How do I get my case started?

A: Call or email us today! After an initial consult, our trusted Littleton personal injury lawyers can get your case started at no upfront cost to you, getting you on the road to financial recovery so you can focus on your physical recovery.

Q: What should I bring to my first meeting with an attorney?

A: Bring all of the documents and evidence associated with your accident that you have readily available. This includes any:

  • Police reports
  • Doctors’ reports and bills
  • Photographic evidence
  • Insurance documents or communications
  • Witness names and contact information

If you don’t have such evidence or documents readily accessible, however, we can track it down for you to help bolster your case.

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