Picking up from where we left off in Truck Driver Negligence: 6 Ways Trucker Negligence Can Cause Accidents (Pt. 1), below we will continue our discussion regarding some of the most common forms of truck driver negligence that contribute to serious accidents.

When truck driver negligence – like driver distraction – contributes to truck accidents, the negligent drivers will likely be liable for compensating victims.

When truck driver negligence – like driver distraction – contributes to truck accidents, the negligent drivers will likely be liable for compensating victims.

3. Truck Driver Distraction

Just like the drivers of passenger vehicles, truck drivers are all too often unable to maintain their concentration on the roads, as they may talk on the phone, text on their mobile devices or engage in other actions that prevent them from staying focused on the task of driving. In fact, as recently as March 2014, the FMCSA enacted a new regulation for truckers that effectively prohibits them from using handheld mobile devices as they drive in order to reduce the incidence of trucker distraction.

While this regulation may go a long way towards reducing truck driver distraction in the big picture, it’s important for every trucker to take his driving responsibilities seriously so that he does his part to keep the roads safe. When truck drivers fail to stay focused on the road and succumb to driver distraction, they can be held liable for compensating people when such negligence contributes to truck accidents.

4. Truckers’ Failure to Maintain their Trucks

Among the responsibilities that truck drivers have is to be diligent about inspecting their trucks and keeping them in good working order. In fact, before each haul and between driving shifts, truck drivers are required to inspect their vehicles, take note of any equipment that may be wearing down and get any broken, faulty or worn down equipment repaired or replaced before taking the truck back out onto the roads.

When truckers don’t follow through with this responsibility and their failure to maintain their trucks causes collisions, they can be named as the defendants in truck accident lawsuits.

Be sure to look for final installment of this blog for our continued discussion of truck driver negligence.

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